Saus Bringing Belgian Street Food to Boston

posted 4 years ago in boston food restaurants

Saus, an eatery serving Belgian street food (pommes frites and liege waffles) will be opening at 33 Union St in “the next couple months”. There will be cafe style seating for around 20, and 10!!! dipping sauces for the fries. This, along with 4 dessert sauces for the waffles, promises to make Faneuil Hall bar patrons happy if everything goes through with their request for a Friday/Saturday <a href=””>3am Food Service License</a>.

The eatery is being opened by 3 friends who strongly believe that no truly cosmopolitan city should be without Belgian street food.

By the way, we’ve heard “opening in the next couple months” a lot in regard to new restaurants lately; for up to the date info, check out <a href=””>Saus on Twitter</a> and the <a href=””>Saus blog</a>. Both are great sources of info about the trials of opening a restaurant. It’s great to see another restaurant (after Tupelo last year and Post 390 this spring) building a community of supporters prior to opening by documenting the process.

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